How To Share Video On Twitter

How To Share Video on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to showcase video and native uploads (video uploaded directly to Twitter, as opposed to using a YouTube share link) look beautiful when they auto play seamlessly as you scroll down your timeline. Twitter allows you to upload up to 140 secs of video, which is 2mins 20secs - an ideal amount of time that is long enough to share plenty of information about your company without your audience switching off. We have produced a visual guide of the process to sharing video on twitter and below is a written step by step guide.

  1. Begin by navigating to your Twitter profile page and hitting the Tweet button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Once the Write a Tweet dialogue appears click the camera icon in the lower left hand corner, this will open your browser.
  3. Browse for the video file you wish to upload and click Open.
  4. Twitter will automatically open up a Trim window where you can make your video shorter. By default it selects only the middle 30secs of your video. Drag the edges of the blue trim bar on either side until they are full extended. It's important to play through your video at this point to make sure you haven't accidentally trimmed off any of your clip. Once you've done that hit the done button.
  5. It's time to compose your Tweet. Add some interesting text and relevant hashtags before clicking the Tweet button. Your video will upload and then process before your page reloads and your video appears on your time line.
  6. Bonus! If you want to pin your Tweet & video to the top of your timeline click the three dots that appear underneath the video and press 'Pin to your profile page'. This will then pin the post to the top of your feed.

Do you want to know how to upload videos to other sites? Leave a comment below with the website you want a guide for and we'll make sure we get one up. Happy Sharing!