New Business? Use Video on Your Website to Build Trust

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Building trust is one of the most important things to do when starting a new business, and it can be challenging. Talking to people face-to-face is one of the best ways to increase your credibility, but isn’t always practical. Using video allows you to speak directly to every potential client who lands on your website, giving you an opportunity to create a real connection that wouldn’t be possible through text or images.

Most small businesses fail within the first five years, with inadequate communication and lack of customer trust being key contributors. Read on to find out how using video can help you avoid becoming part of the statistics.

Reassure potential clients

If you’re a new business operating mainly online, without a physical presence like a shop, then building trust can be tricky. With so many new businesses popping up on the web all the time, clients can struggle to tell the difference between a genuine company and a scam. Video solves this problem. A simple interview with you or your staff shows potential clients that you’re a real person with a real premises, something that can’t be taken for granted nowadays.

Show your expertise

Video is an excellent way to show potential clients that you’re an industry expert. Creating educational videos adds value to your site – visitors will appreciate genuinely helpful content much more than sales videos, and you’re likely to see a big increase in traffic.

Create short explanation videos on topics relevant to your clients, or practical how-to videos that show off your skills. Publishing educational content is an excellent way to make the most of your existing expertise, help clients, and boost your reputation. Establishing yourself as an expert will massively increase your credibility, leading to greater customer trust and more conversions.

Potential clients will come to view your site as a go-to resource for information, and when they encounter a problem that they can’t solve on their own, you’ll be the first company they contact for help. Posting regular content also shows that you’re active – a website that isn’t updated often can really damage your reputation, especially as a new business.

Demonstrate products and services

Being a new business offering a complex product or service can be tough. How can you expect customers to buy from you if they don’t fully understand what you’re offering? Product explainer videos allow you to clearly demonstrate your product or service, and show off all the benefits. Most visitors to your site won’t want to read a lengthy, complicated explanation, but they will be willing to watch a clear, concise video. Explainer videos should be less than two minutes in length, and provide viewers with a simple solution to a problem they face. Creating this type of video can be a great way to really hone in on your unique selling point and create your ‘elevator pitch’, which will benefit you when explaining your product in person. Check out these examples of highly effective explainer videos. You want viewers to trust that your product works, and explainer videos are one of the best ways to achieve that.

The first few years are crucial in defining the success or failure of your business. Get off to the right start with video that builds trust, shows off your industry expertise, and clearly explains what you offer. With these pillars in place, you’ll be ready to grow and develop your business.

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