Showcase Your Team’s Expertise with Employee Introduction Videos

You’re probably familiar with ‘Meet the Team’ web pages, which give potential clients a first-hand look into your organisation, and allow you to show off one of your most valuable assets – your staff. You might already have one of these pages yourself, but have you considered using it to feature employee introduction videos?

Unlike a simple photo and caption, short video introductions give you the opportunity to really highlight the individual skills of each member of your team in a memorable way. After all, who can communicate their own talents better than the employee themselves, in their own words? Viewers will get a much more in-depth, intimate look at your organisation, leading to greater confidence and trust.

Read on for more information on the key benefits of employee introduction videos.

Emphasise individual skills and experience

There’s a reason you hired your staff, so make sure potential clients know that. Whether it’s years of experience in the industry, specialised skills that make them the best at what they do, or a brilliant personality that means they’re a pleasure to work with, employee videos show what makes your staff great. Remember that your business is built on the strength of your team – once a potential client is sold on the individual members, it won’t be hard to persuade them on the benefits of your overall service.

Connect with potential clients

Putting a face to a name really increases trust, and and shows potential clients that you’re a ‘real’ company, rather than just another potential scam website. Videos multiply this effect, giving a massive boost to your credibility. While scam websites could put up stock photos of ‘employees’ in an attempt to gain trust, there’s no way they’ll have personalised employee videos for each member or staff. Even just a few lines of speech from each of your employees proves a lot to a new visitor to your site, and could be the difference between them getting in touch with you or going back to Google and onto the site of a more credible-looking competitor.

Show your brand values

Employee videos can be created in a variety of styles, so they’re a great way to show off your brand values. If you want to demonstrate that you’re a fun, relaxed company, then informal videos where employees talk about their own interests, as well as their work, are a great option. Having employees talk about previous clients and successful case studies can show off your experience, problem solving abilities, and customer focus, while an emphasis on future plans can show off your ambition. Whatever your values, there’s a way to communicate them through employee introduction videos.

To find out more about how employee introduction videos could help you to better connect with clients and increase your credibility online, contact us for a free consultation today.