Case Study: ASG Group - Our Values

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Case Study

ASG Group wanted to create a video that showed prospective clients that the company was built on strong values, whilst also giving a little background into how and why the company was founded.

We met with ASG Group before production to find out as much about them as we could. This would allow us to create a tailor made video treatment that specifically targeted the clients that matched their business. From this we could produce a shooting script which would ensure everyone involved knew the direction of the video, and what to expect form the final copy. With the developed shooting script in hand we began production. We shot for four hours at ASG's offices and produced a wealth of great content that could be edited together.

We entered post production and created a first draft for ASG to view and feedback on. They gave us comments which helped shape the final video. The completed video was uploaded to YouTube and a digital copy was sent to ASG for them to use directly. We created a custom thumbnail for the YouTube video, transcribed the video and created closed captions. We included a short description about ASG underneath the video, and links to the ASG website and Twitter feed. These steps can help boost the video's ranking on YouTube, increasing impressions and engagement.

ASG have embedded the video into their website, giving potential clients the chance to gain a deeper understanding of how ASG Group works, and can help their business.

Click here to check out the ASG Group site.

Video Transcript:

Andrew Gale: My name is Andrew Gale, and I'm the Group Director of ASG.

ASG was a company that I set up two years ago, and we set the company up with the principle purpose of trying to provide cost neutral solutions to the SME market.

Our consultants team have well over a hundred years of experience between us. Some of us have come up through the corporate ladder, others have run, previously, all their own businesses and have sold them at a profit, and gone on to help work with other clients to share their best practices and what they've learnt.

Marcus Harrison: My name's Marcus Harrison and I'm the Business Development Manager for the ASG Group. The combination of adding value, but also doing it for a really low cost to the business, because we can claim it through funding, is a really unique model that we've devised, and we're looking at strengthening that.

Andrew Gale: We operate four key pillars to our company and the four key pillars are: Operations, Growth, Technology, and Finance.
Around that, we have five guiding principles that we work to: Independence, Objectivity, Confidentiality, Expertise, and Transparency.

If you've got a challenge or a problem in your business why not get in touch with us and our team? We'll build you a cost effective solution that works for you and your business.