Tubular Insights: 9 Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content Like a Pro



9 Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content Like a Pro

It's always a great feeling when you get the most out of something, and an even greater feeling when that something is your marketing. More specifically - your video marketing. We're always on the lookout for new ways to repurpose our video content to maximise it's use and share-ability.

With this in mind, we're pleased to share a post from Tubular Insights (FKA ReelSEO) that looks at two specific ways to kick start your video repurposing journey and 9 effective ways to repurpose your content. Take a look at what they said below:

Tubular Insights Says:

Video is one of the best forms of content for repurposing and there are lots of different ways to get creative with it. The easiest way to get started is to transcribe your video content and break it into shorter clips, based on theme and suggested length for various social platforms.

From there, you can use your new written and visual content in various ways to stretch the life of your video(s), improve SEO rankings, target your audience in better ways, increase distribution, and get more eyes on your content.

We've posted the first 3 ways Tubular Insights suggests you can repurpose video content below. Be sure to hit the read more button to find out 6 more ways to repurpose your videos.

Tubular Insights Says:

  1. Use the text from your explainer video and turn it into a “How it Works” page broken into steps.

  2. If you have several testimonial videos from different customers, you can string together clips from different customers based on theme. Find out more about this on the Veed.me blog.

  3. Use clips from a corporate video to showcase different awesome elements of your company culture or zero in on a cool section of your office for a tour/behind the scenes look.

If you've got some video content that you think could be repurposed, call us today to see how we can help you give your video content a glamorous makeover.

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5 Top Tips For Promoting Your Video

You made the leap and had some great video content produced, now all you need to do is share it. Here are five top tips on how to promote your new video content.

1. Start With Your Website
The first place you should think about putting your video is on your website. This allows any customers coming to your site to see the video, plus it's a great way to boost your SEO. If your video is specific to certain product or service you should place the video on the relevant page but post a thumbnail of your video on the homepage so customers can see it as soon as they visit.

2. Get Social
The next place you should be sharing your video is your social media channels. It's easy to simply post the YouTube share link and say a couple of words but teasing the video with shorter clips before you release the full video can build up interest. A great feature that social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have is called featured or pinned posts. This feature allows you to 'pin' your video to the top of your feed, so it's the first thing people will see when they visit your page.

3. Make Use Of Your Database
A quick way to get your video to people is to email your database, however be sure not to embed your video into the email instead use a thumbnail with a play button that clicks through to your video in your email - embedded video in emails aren't always supported by email clients.

4. Always Have Your Video With You
The great thing about video is that in 2016 it's more mobile than ever. Gone are the days where showing a video on a mobile device meant apologising for the poor quality or frequent appearance of the dreaded 'loading...' sign. Now, keeping a HD copy of your video on your tablet or phone is easier than ever, and enables you to instantly share, or even show your video, to a potential customer.

5. Advertise
If your budget allows for it, you can always pay to advertise your video through display ads, retargeting ads, or through the increasingly popular social ads. Social advertising uses information from the social media site to target your ads to the right people and make sure your video gets seen by people who want to see it.

That's our 5 top tips for promoting your video, all you need to do is get out there and share it!