Cat Memes, Virtual Farms and Blue and Black (or White and Gold) Dresses: The World Wide Web At 25.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the public being able to access the World Wide Web developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (and a group of other brainiacs) in Switzerland.

You can check out the first webpage here, but it's nothing compared to the media rich pages we're used to browsing in 2016; nearly 70% of all traffic on the World Wide Web will be video in 2017 - a testament to the power of visual content.

Check out this awesome graphical timeline of the World Wide Web's history by

The constant stream of information fed to us by our timelines and news feeds keeps us updated on any and every issue instantly. While some users may complain that the value of information has declined with frivolous 'news' stories like 'Dressgate', the huge viral hit last year surrounding the colour of a dress, taking centre stage on many sites, its use has been paramount in piecing together the course of events following the recent terror attacks across the globe.

The World Wide Web has encouraged a generation to get involved and learn web development, web design and coding for both professional and recreational purposes. Ask any twenty something if they know how to code and most will remember using haphazard coding to decorate their MySpace pages (mine was bright green and featured more Britney Spears images than I want to admit.)

A screen cap from Kim Kardahsian's Myspace circa 2006. (sOURCE:

A screen cap from Kim Kardahsian's Myspace circa 2006. (sOURCE:

The World Wide Web has created some of our favourite forms of entertainment. Cat pictures and videos have been around since 2006 and have firmly stayed a staple of the web's media offering. Facebook continues to expand its users content, from virtual farms to the more recent live video streaming service it launched. YouTube's explosive growth has provides us with more than 300 hours of video footage being uploaded every 60 seconds. Take a look at our favourite YouTube videos from the last 10 years below.

The now iconic music video for Rebecca Black's debut single "Friday" had us hooked when it went viral in 2011. We still listen to on Friday mornings to get us in the Friday spirit.

Who could forget the "Evolution of Dance" video that took the world by storm in 2006. It was the most viewed video on YouTube for a number of years before eventually being knocked off the top spot by a slurry of music videos.

YouTube has always been a creative sandpit for fandoms to express themselves. Our favourite fandom video is "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" by the Potter Puppet Pals. Snape... Snape... Severus Snape. DUMBLEDORE!

Do you remember seeing any of these over the last 10 years? Let us know what your favourite World Wide Web memories are in the comments section below!

Boring but important technical bit:
It's important to remember not to confuse the World Wide Web with the Internet. The Internet was launched back in 1969 and refers to the network that carries information between two destinations. The World Wide Web refers to the space on this network where information, such as web pages and documents, are stored.

Case Study: ASG Group - Our Values

To view this video on YouTube click this link:

Case Study

ASG Group wanted to create a video that showed prospective clients that the company was built on strong values, whilst also giving a little background into how and why the company was founded.

We met with ASG Group before production to find out as much about them as we could. This would allow us to create a tailor made video treatment that specifically targeted the clients that matched their business. From this we could produce a shooting script which would ensure everyone involved knew the direction of the video, and what to expect form the final copy. With the developed shooting script in hand we began production. We shot for four hours at ASG's offices and produced a wealth of great content that could be edited together.

We entered post production and created a first draft for ASG to view and feedback on. They gave us comments which helped shape the final video. The completed video was uploaded to YouTube and a digital copy was sent to ASG for them to use directly. We created a custom thumbnail for the YouTube video, transcribed the video and created closed captions. We included a short description about ASG underneath the video, and links to the ASG website and Twitter feed. These steps can help boost the video's ranking on YouTube, increasing impressions and engagement.

ASG have embedded the video into their website, giving potential clients the chance to gain a deeper understanding of how ASG Group works, and can help their business.

Click here to check out the ASG Group site.

Video Transcript:

Andrew Gale: My name is Andrew Gale, and I'm the Group Director of ASG.

ASG was a company that I set up two years ago, and we set the company up with the principle purpose of trying to provide cost neutral solutions to the SME market.

Our consultants team have well over a hundred years of experience between us. Some of us have come up through the corporate ladder, others have run, previously, all their own businesses and have sold them at a profit, and gone on to help work with other clients to share their best practices and what they've learnt.

Marcus Harrison: My name's Marcus Harrison and I'm the Business Development Manager for the ASG Group. The combination of adding value, but also doing it for a really low cost to the business, because we can claim it through funding, is a really unique model that we've devised, and we're looking at strengthening that.

Andrew Gale: We operate four key pillars to our company and the four key pillars are: Operations, Growth, Technology, and Finance.
Around that, we have five guiding principles that we work to: Independence, Objectivity, Confidentiality, Expertise, and Transparency.

If you've got a challenge or a problem in your business why not get in touch with us and our team? We'll build you a cost effective solution that works for you and your business.


5 Top Tips For Promoting Your Video

You made the leap and had some great video content produced, now all you need to do is share it. Here are five top tips on how to promote your new video content.

1. Start With Your Website
The first place you should think about putting your video is on your website. This allows any customers coming to your site to see the video, plus it's a great way to boost your SEO. If your video is specific to certain product or service you should place the video on the relevant page but post a thumbnail of your video on the homepage so customers can see it as soon as they visit.

2. Get Social
The next place you should be sharing your video is your social media channels. It's easy to simply post the YouTube share link and say a couple of words but teasing the video with shorter clips before you release the full video can build up interest. A great feature that social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have is called featured or pinned posts. This feature allows you to 'pin' your video to the top of your feed, so it's the first thing people will see when they visit your page.

3. Make Use Of Your Database
A quick way to get your video to people is to email your database, however be sure not to embed your video into the email instead use a thumbnail with a play button that clicks through to your video in your email - embedded video in emails aren't always supported by email clients.

4. Always Have Your Video With You
The great thing about video is that in 2016 it's more mobile than ever. Gone are the days where showing a video on a mobile device meant apologising for the poor quality or frequent appearance of the dreaded 'loading...' sign. Now, keeping a HD copy of your video on your tablet or phone is easier than ever, and enables you to instantly share, or even show your video, to a potential customer.

5. Advertise
If your budget allows for it, you can always pay to advertise your video through display ads, retargeting ads, or through the increasingly popular social ads. Social advertising uses information from the social media site to target your ads to the right people and make sure your video gets seen by people who want to see it.

That's our 5 top tips for promoting your video, all you need to do is get out there and share it!

7 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the fastest growing online ad format for one reason - it works. If you haven't incorporated video into your marketing strategy then here's 7 reasons why you need video marketing.

1. People Love Video
In a world where 400 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute it's clear that people love to watch video. But why? Video enables you to view large amounts of information quickly and concisely, without the need to read long pages of text.

2. Video Brings Your Brand To Life
Having an online business sometimes means that people don’t get to feel an immediate connection with you. You’re just words on a page on their computer. Incorporating a video will allow your customers to see how your product works, or how your service operates, and help visualise themselves using your product or service.

3. Videos Create Trust
If a customer is able to see a product, service, or even your face in a video it instantly creates a trust that text and images can’t offer. Customers will often pay more money to buy something from someone they trust rather than get a better deal from someone they don’t know.

4. Need an SEO Boost?
Studies have shown that search engines are beginning to include video marketing SEO as a way to measure where websites should be in the rankings; even a simple welcome video on your homepage could boost your position.

5. Videos Are Easy To Share
Hosting your video content on YouTube or Vimeo means you have a single link you can use to share your video on your website or email, but remember to upload directly to Facebook and Twitter as you will gain more engagement from native video uploads there.

6. Mobile Users Prefer Video
Mobile users want information fast, and offering a video that provides a quick message about your product, service or company may be the engagement needed for a sale. By also having a video loaded onto your tablet or even your phone you will always have a copy ready to show to a potential customer.

7. Don't Just Take Our Word For It
Video testimonials incorporate nearly all of the above reasons why video can work for you. Your customers want to know you can be trusted, and there's no better way than providing a video testimonial from a previous customer. You create an emotional connection with your potential customer by sharing the previous clients challenge and how you helped them.

If you're interested in incorporating video into your marketing strategy then get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.