Our production process...

Our production process is clear and straightforward. Here's how most of our projects run...

Deciding you want to incorporate video content into your marketing is the first step of the production process. Whether you want a promotional video, product demonstrations, event coverage, training videos or something completely different, we're here to help. We'll organise a free video consultation with you to discuss your needs and ideas.

When we walk away from a meeting with you we want to be able to answer these three questions:
Why do you want video content?
What message do you want to share through video?
Who is the target audience of this video?

We feel the answers to these questions are really important when creating unique targeted video marketing and making the most engaging video for your business.

We offer a variety of packages to suit different video needs which keeps you informed of what you will receive and the budget required. In the case of event coverage, it's sometimes more appropriate to offer a day rate for filming and editing. We will develop your package including creating an audience breakdown, script and schedule - when you're happy with everything we can begin production.

Prior to your shoot we'll provide you with a 'Call Sheet' which will contain all the information you will need to know, including times and any special instructions. We'll arrive at the shoot early to set up our equipment, this minimises the time that you will be away from your usual duties. As we will have prepared prior to the shoot, everything will run smoothly and your shoot will be completed relatively quickly.

We'll take all the footage from the shoot and edit together a draft which will be delivered to you digitally through our secure website allowing you the opportunity to give feedback, which will help shape the video. When you're happy with the final product we'll export it in the most appropriate format and deliver it to you digitally, or we can host it on our YouTube page, which you can embed into your website easily.