#WhatWillYouSay Video: £99

Our #WhatWillYouSay video (formerly our Video Business Card) is great to share bite-size nuggets of information with your audience and perfect for people who want to see how video can become part of their marketing strategy. We’ll come to your location and film a 30 second video, then edit it using the latest editing software, and take advantage of current trends in the video world. We’ll send you copies for you to use on both your website and social media. It’s a great way to show your customers who you are and it helps build an immediate emotional connection which can lead to more sales, plus using video on your website is a great boost for your SEO. So #WhatWillYouSay?

What's included:
30 second HD video
90 minute shoot at your location
1/2 day edit
Logo at top and tail
1 MP4 file hosted on our YouTube channel